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Little Tree is a fertile ground for green builders and home owners in Bali who are in need of eco-friendly building materials and home supplies. Green buildings... that's us!

Little Tree Bali - Green Building Centre

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Stephen Palmer: A Little Tree Advisor

12 January 2011
Steve Palmer has been at the forefront of the environmental fight in Bali for more than a decade. In this interview, he talks about how green buildings can contribute to addressing the island's environmental problems.
  • Get Smart in Bali

    1 June 2013
    Published in FRV Travel on 01 June 2013 How one little tree in Bali has grown and branched out to provide eco- solutions to the island’s booming building development. Text: Katie Truman
  • One Day – Christian Fritz

    2 February 2007
    Pubished in the Bali Times on february 02, 2007 An older Bali Times article featuring a day in the life of Christian Fritz, focussing on the Bali Export Development Organization
  • Little Tree, Big Contribution

    30 January 2011
    Published in on sunday, 30 January 2011
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