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Awani Cemara Gift Set

Achieving balance and
harmony is a way of life in Bali.

Creating beauty and simplicity is
the essence of living.

Awani's creations are
inspired by these principles.

Awani is our offering to you.
- a new, exquisite Asian food brand.



These products have been inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the Balinese way of life.

Their products represent the best of what they admire in Balinese tradition and culture. While they have modernized design and work practices, they also adhere respectfully to the essence of the Balinese way of life.

They make Awani jam in the mountains where they are close to sources of fruit. Being close to the farms allows them to pick fruit late so they can maintain its flavor and freshness.

Their Balinese kitchen sits in the grounds of a beautiful little farm, a typical example of a Balinese mixed farm, self-sustaining with many different types of fruit trees as well as livestock.


The Cemara gift set includes 3 x 28 g of:

Mango Jam

A delicate blend of fragrant mango and palm sugar, gently cooked with raw cane sugar, the juice of fresh lime and citrus pectin. Deliciously fruity.

Tangerine Marmalade

The distinct flavor of bittersweet Balinese tangerines balanced with raw cane sugar, fresh lime juice and set with citrus pectin. Intense & sophisticated.

Strawberry & Kaffir Lime Jam

A surprising infusion of mountain strawberries and kaffir lime, cooked with raw cane sugar, fresh lime juice and citrus pectin. Startling and delightful.


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