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BioChem Bio Paint Acrylic Top Coat (EP 3050)

This is a water-based acrylic PU with a high performance top coat substance suitable for wood, bamboo, rattan, and some natural fibers, whether interior or exterior.

  • Water-based acrylic PU
  • Low cost emulsion
  • 30% of solid content
  • Suitable for wood, bamboo, rattan, and some natural fibers (e.g. furniture, doors or windows, sills, handicrafts and other home decoration, whether interior or exterior) 
  • Colors: clear gloss and clear matt
  • Size: 1 Kg & 4 Kg can
  • Use Biocolor Wood Filler to seal wood pores and refine the wood surfaces if needed
  • Apply Biocolors Wood Stain based on the variety, function and color as you want, if needed
  • Apply Biocolors Sanding Sealer to seal the pores, lock color and increase the performance of coating result, if needed
  • Apply Acrylic top coat EP 3050 as top coat
  • Type: all acrylic 
  • Wet color: milky white 
  • Dry film color: gloss transparent 
  • Non toxic


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