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Little Tree is a fertile ground for green builders and home owners in Bali who are in need of eco-friendly building materials and home supplies. Green buildings... that's us!

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Bamboo Flooring

Highly sustainable flooring that increases the value of your home.

Manufactured from bamboo, this is a sustainable alternative to wood. Bamboo is a renewable resource and grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is a high sustainable because it can reproduces as a grass without the need for replanting, it is also found widely throughout Indonesia.

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Little Tree proudly provides natural treatments and finishes for your bamboo floor. Our finishing and flooring are beautiful and long lasting and give years of pleasure as well as increasing the value of your home.

Single Layer Bamboo Floor
Single layer bamboo is vertical pressed, and has one layer of bamboo strips. It is made from “petung” bamboo, 4-5 years old which is processed using an environmentally friendly adhesive product. The flooring can be installed using glue, nails or as a floating floor. We provide flat surface type, unfinished single layer bamboo flooring with the T&G joint on two sides. The available size is (mm) 15x200x2000.
  • Renewable resource that is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • A centuries-old tradition of use in Japan and China to make table ware, protective body shields, housing and even bamboo hot tubs
  • Longevity - Easy to clean - Warm and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic - Increases home value

The process when installing bamboo flooring is basically same as the process when installing wood flooring.

For optimal results, we recommend using our craftsmen for lying the flooring as bamboo is a natural material that requires careful preparation. For further information, check out our Services page or contact us.

Our floor maintenance program uses only eco friendly products. We strive for a better working environment for both our  personnel and our customers. Furthermore, we are committed to the whole lifetime of wood & bamboo floors and are able to  provide lasting and sustainable solutions for both wood & bamboo floors.
Little Tree would recommend you have a site inspection, before any installation takes place. We offer a free consultation service  regarding restoration, installation and maintenance for our customers.     
Our  eco  friendly  products  are  easy  to  use,  and  will  give  your  wood  &  bamboo  floors  the  treatment  they  deserve.  Our ergonomically designed sanding machines and our dust care system will leave the air perfectly clean during the sanding of your  floor. Our professional product advisors and talented craftsman will ensure that you receive a high quality professionally finished  wood & bamboo floor.  

Our floors are easy to clean. Static cloths are the easiest way to remove dust and classic wet wipes can be used on small marks.  To clean the whole floor we recommend a light wash with water using any light household detergent.  Do not use solvent  cleaners.

Tung Oil can also be used to provide a  natural look and feel. This will need to be applied annually to ensure the floor is  are  protected and retains its  natural look.

Special Treatment
Flooring is  either glued or nailed to the sub‐base using our own recommended products. Little Tree is committed to the  environment and only uses eco friendly materials in all their installations. Our glue has undergone rigourous testing and trials.    Our glues provide maximum adhesion as well as  providing enough elasticity to allow for movement during heating and cooling  of the floor. 

Natural material floors such as these may require termite treatment as they can become moist and provide an appropriate  place for termites to stay and to survive. Once again as we committed to the environment, we only use  organic pesticide and  termite treatments which does not leave any toxic residues.



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